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Dai's List of Conworlding/Worldbuilding Links:


NEW PAGE: Dai's List of Conworlding and Conlanging Links

Note: I don't vouch for the accuracy of any of these.

Some collected communities"


Zompist Board

The CBB Board

Cartographer's Guild

World bulding Stack Exchange

Absolutewrite's SF/Fantasy Forum




World Generation, Geography, Biology, and other Sciency Stuff:

Planet Designer: Calculator for stars and planets. Hard science

Archived version of

Astro: Calculator for Stellar & Planetary Orbits, Planets and Satellite Orbits, Rotational Habitats, and Asteroid Crater Sizes. Originally aimed at the Hard SF RPG 2300 AD, but the science is good.

Archived version of the above deadlink

StarGen: Random generator for star systems and planets. Also has a downloadable version.

World Generation: Another randomized generator, aimed at the Traveller RPG, but still useful.

Plan a Planet Orbiting a Main Sequence Star

Building the Ultimate Solar System

Hard SF Tools

Antimatter Calculator: Just for fun, calculates the energy from matter/antimatter explosions.

Church of Climatology Thread on ZBB:

Creating an Earthlike Planet:

Hosted versions of Geoff Eddy's Climate Cookbook:

Cartographer's Guild Tutorial for the Climate Cookbook:

Fundamentals of Physical Geography:

The Geography Site:

World Builder's: CSU's Worldbuilding Course

An Atlas of the Universe:

Star Data Pages:

Planetary Fact Sheets:

Introduction to the Biosphere, from Fundamentals of Physical Geography:

FAO Soil Classifications

Drake Equation: Calculator for the Drake Equation.

Holly Lisle's Rollicking Rules of Ecosystems:

Holly Lisle's Holly Lisle's Shopping List for Better BEMs:

Astrobiology Magazine

Major Biomes of the World:

Fractal World Generator: makes fractal maps.

Holly Lisle's Maps Workshop -- Developing the Fictional World through Mapping:

Holly Lisle's Fantasy Is Not for Sissies: Real Rules for Real Worlds:

30 Days of World Building:

Magical World Builder's Guide: Guide to building fantasy worlds.

10 Steps to Creating Realistic Fantasy Animals

Patricia C. Wrede's Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions: also useful for non-fantasy cultures.

Cultural, Ethnolographic, and Area Studies Resources

Dr. Zahir's Ethnographical Questionnaire on FrathWiki:

The Zaharam-Chapelle-Parunas Ethnographical Questionnaire (Thank you Tom Chapelle!)

The Importance of Food: Aimed at RPGs, but touches on an aspect of conworlding that I haven't really seen talked about much here.

SSRIC Codebook of Ethnographic Data

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operations, Appendix G: Civil Affairs Area Study and Assessment Format (A good checklist

The Speculative Dinosaur Project: no K-Pg extinction event.

Orion's arm Universe Project: Huge galaxy spanning hard SF world building project.



Planetocopia: Variations on Earth.


Collected Links:'s World Building resources for writers:

Future Studies: Transhumanist resources.

Hard SF: Collection of links and essays about Hard SF.

Orion's Arm Links: Orion's Arm is a huge hard SF world building project. These are their world building resources links. There's some overlap with this list.
World Building Links:

World Builder Projects:

Specfic World's resouces:

Fantasy World Building Resources:

Conlang Resources:

List of Language Resources

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) Database

Conlang Atlas of Language Structures

The Zompist BB Resources Thread

Mark Rosenfelder/Zompist's Language Constuction Kit

How to create a language (by Pablo David Flores, expansion of the LCK)

Rick Morneau's Essays on Language Design (archived)

The Language Creation Society

The Conlanger's Library

Richard Kennaway's Internet resources relating to constructed languages

Conlang Wikia


Library of old US Foreign Service Institute Textbooks

Assorted Other Useful Resources:
(These are things that I've found interesting/useful.)
Space future: Promoting the human use of space - lost of SF/space information.

Technovelgy: Collection of SF inventions.

Maritime knowledge: Useful collection of information if you want details on sailing topics.

1814 Nautical Glossary: What it says - a glossary of nautical terms in use in 1814.

1814 Questions for Young Officers: A "test" for young officers on sailing ships - useful if you want details on how sailing ships operate.

Lots of online calculators:

Science calculators:

Mapping Tool:

Gravitational Simulator:

Richard Cowen's Essays on Geology, History, and People

Airship Heritrage Trust

The AHT List of Airships

William Frisbee's Guide to Writing Military SF

US NationalParks Service Maps:

"Specialty Produce" - Extensive list of fruits and vegetables with descriptions

Medieval Demographics Made Easy

Medieval Life and the Hundred Years War

Medieval Price List

Worldbuilding Resources for Writers

Reshaping Reality Guide Pt. 1

Reshaping Reality Guide Pt. 2

Reshaping Reality Guide Pt. 3

Seven Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding

Kenneth Jorgensen's Big List of Worldbuilding Resources

Global Security - an extensive resource for military, intelligence and national security matters, run by consultant John Pike - particularly well known for highly detailed information on military equipment and systems

Extensive Library of US Army Field Manuals

Country Studies - Country Studies/Area Handbook Series Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and sponsored by the Army, with describing the historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy of various country/regions

CIA World Factbook